Personal Trainer Sligo

How long are the sessions and what do I bring with me?

All sessions typically last 60 minutes. Please arrive in sports gear (Trainers, Leggings/Shorts, Sports Top etc.) and wearing your mask. You can bring water with you and there is a facility to allow you to fill your bottles.

I have to cancel my session, what should I do?

All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Simply call, text or email. If you cancel a session within 24 hours you will incur the full charge. 

I can't find a time slot that suits me?

If you can't find a time slot that suits you, simply contact us with your preferred day(s) and times and we will do our best to book you in.

I am currently injured, can I train?

We encourage you to contact us outlining your intent to train, the injury you have and please include any relevant notes from your doctor, physio, osteopath etc. Our trainers are educated to the highest standards. We can adapt each and every exercise you do to ensure you are training safely whilst achieving your fitness goals.

I can't afford to train every week, what can I do?

A great way to save money and get quality sessions is to try our program design packages. We will tailor make a program to specifically meet your needs, for you to do in your own time. However, please be aware that you will still be required to carry out in person sessions periodically so that we can assess you and progress you. 

Another Option is our 2:1 sessions. Train with a partner that has a similar goal and time commitment